"Photographers capture the important moments. It's our job—and our passion—to immortalize the most significant events in your lives. Choosing the right photographer, therefore, ensures that your most precious memories are perfectly preserved."

As sweet as it is, it's also funny how i met these two! Karnika (the bride) got in touch with me after 4-5 days of her Wedding! Yes, you heard it right. Distraught, she called me to ask me if i can do their post wedding photoshoot as the photographer she had hired for her wedding, ruined almost all of her pictures. I knew i could fix the photoshoot but what about those beautiful moments that were gone? I wanted to try my best and do whatever i could for them.

She looked simply beautiful and Reima (the groom) complimented her so well. They wore their wedding outfits and didn't do much as they wanted it to be real. The photoshoot was a mixture of emotions, quirkiness and hell lot of cute moments between them and I’m glad I could be a part of their story.