Do you know one of those moments when you really underestimate something and then it hits in your face and you realize how wrong you were all along?

I was awestruck and jaw-dropped as soon as I stepped in the very famed Taj Mahal. Frankly, I never considered Taj Mahal to be a good place for a shoot. Considering that it’s a mere monument, I thought Taj Mahal was pretty overrated and therefore I never visited it in my entire life until this couple made me do so.

Nasreen and Hershad, a couple based and getting married in Kuwait specially flew to India for their pre-wedding shoot in Taj Mahal. I truly was not in the favor of this idea initially, taking my previous opinion about Taj but I am really glad that this could happen and I could witness my ego shatter badly.

We arrived at the gate of Taj Mahal at 6 in the morning to get the shoot done. And the minute I saw the Taj Mahal I was taken aback. The beauty of it captivated me for so long that I could not gather my wits for a good few seconds. It is unbelievably beautiful. I couldn’t comprehend why did I ever underestimate it so much and never gave it a chance. It truly was the best feeling to witness the grand Taj Mahal sparkle love with each step taken closer to it.

The shoot was completed in 2 hours and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The pictures are stunning and I really thank the universe or whoever the greater power is to let this day come that I witnessed such enchanting beauty and do such a lovely shoot.

My blessings with the couple! I thank them for specially coming down to Taj Mahal and making me a part of their new journey. I Hope they have a love-some life together.

Some stills from my work. Hope you guys like it.