There is Beauty in Simplicity!

The day i spoke to Teesta and Shalin on a phone call regarding their wedding, i knew what they had in mind for their big day. The undemanding and homely nature of these two made this wedding special for me. 

Held in Delhi, this one, though low-key had some really good moments - the simple outfits, the unconventional bridal photoshoot and the minimalistic wedding set-up.

Teesta was the most humble, natural yet elegant Bride I’ve ever come across. If you notice, she wore simple bridal outfits and even wore basic and makeup. I believe she totally justified the quote “Through simplicity comes great beauty” 

Cherry on the top was the quirky Bridal shoot we did for her in her favourite Yoga asanas which was something we have never done before and we equally enjoyed it. 

As expected, the couple complimented each other in some of the most beautiful ways.

The warmth and the connection that i felt at this wedding was too beautiful to be described in words as kind people are my kinda people and i loved covering this wedding because somewhere in my heart i know that this is the kind of wedding i would go for, Simple, homely and Intimate :)