Happy Brides Are The Prettiest!

When i first met Meenakshi, I noticed that she was the happiest bride i've ever come across. More than happy, she looked content throughout her wedding. Held at Meenakshi's ancestral home in Delhi, the ceremony took place on her rooftop and it was just an experience. Her affinity towards her house was beyond everything else. What was special about this wedding was that her smiles and her laughter were the source of joy for everyone. I guess sometimes it’s just enough to smile because the warmth and the comfort that i felt at this wedding made me feel like i was a part of them.

One could see that it was a very intimate family affair. Her makeup, her costumes, even some of the decor was done by her family and friends. It was just everything that defined the two beautiful souls, Meenakshi & Matt. Their wedding turned out to be a sweet ceremony with a twist of its own. They had a super quirky, super amazingly planned Environmental friendly wedding. However, they didn't want to compromise on the fun and traditions so they balanced it perfectly. It was fun & flirty yet very elegant & subtle.

Even at the time of Vidaai, as sad as the expression was, she never stopped smiling which was so beautiful and touching. Where there is love and laughter, there is life :) 

Wishing them a lifetime of Love & Happiness!