Sometimes, emotions are everything!

Whether you are getting married to someone you have known for years, or someone you have met fairly recently, the ceremony can be overwhelming. And while you may try to conceal your emotions, not everything can escape the camera and that's the beauty of this wedding! It was filled with emotions and love. In the beginning, more than a wedding it looked like a family reunion. Isha looked very emotionally attached to her family so as the family members kept coming, she got more emotional with each one of them.

Also what's better than getting married once? Getting married twice to the same person! This beautiful wedding had two beautiful parts. One was an emotional Sikh wedding held at a Gurudwara in Jaipur and the other was an exceptionally pretty Kashmiri wedding. Kashmiri weddings carry a different charm of their own. May be because of the deeply spiritual roots their wedding customs carry.

Most fun part was their Sangeet. It was a big-fat-lavish Sangeet party with amazing performances from some very famous people. It was something i’ve never seen before.

Akash and Isha’s wedding was a heart warming display of emotions beautifully scattered with their rich cultural traditions.